Liliana Marchesi

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The second chapter of a Dystopian saga built on the belief that man knows about and uses only a fraction of the brain’s real ability. A saga in which heart and mind collide against a backdrop of unrest, passions, plotting, and extreme actions. A story that will shock you!

After being torn from a life that she believed hers, Kendall finds herself immersed in a world completely different from what she believed. And just as she was about to discover the origin of the bond between her and Trevor, the leader of the Orphans, a succession of unpredictable events forced them apart.

Kendall is now in the hands of Axel, who more than anyone want to resurrect her lost memories so that he can get hold of the information he desperately craves. But how will he convince her to cooperate?

What effect will the Root implant have on her?

Will the days spent at the Mind’s headquarters change her view on the Orphans?

Or will she do everything in her power to find a way to return to the Mausoleum and to Trevor?

Can you really lose yourself in someone else’s eyes?

Well, that’s what just happened to me.

Sucked into an ocean in which warm and cold currents swirl into an incredible blue giving life to a unique color, I was incapable of resurfacing. Or maybe I simply didn’t want to.

It was as if my soul had migrated towards that magnetic gaze and had no intention of returning.

Who was that man? And why was he staring at me with such an intensity I wanted to cry?


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