Wolf Citadel Volume 1 - Soulmates

Elena Guimard

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The Wolf Citadel by Elena Guimard translate by Allie vane

Vampires, werewolves and love in the south of France. With the typically French way of life, come venture into a world that isn't so different from our own, where just the fantasy diverges from the mortal realm.

It all starts with a young woman's accident on a road that's supposed to be closed to traffic.  She's rescued by a strange young man, who gives her his blood so that she can live.  From there on, follow Manon — the name she's given by her rescuer.

"She" has been in an accident on a little route in the Alps; she's rescued by two men who bring her back to the Wolf Citadel, their family home.  One of them, the one who heard her cry out as she hit the tree, names her Manon while they wait for her memories to return.

The attraction between them seems almost tangible, but he refuses to be drawn in.  A secret and strict interdictions force him to mask his feelings.  Manon also doesn't dare reveal what she feels on contact with him.

Morgan and Hugo, his brother, are actually part of a werewolf community. That night, Morgan gave her some of his blood so she could survive her injuries.  He could heal her thanks to his lycanthropy, and their link was thus forged.  Only, he wasn't expecting that she'd turn out to be his soulmate, and that when he licked at her wound they would be bound by the Gift...

Strange things happen at the Wolf Citadel, not least from that which howls at the full moon.

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