Struck By The Sea

Daniele Galasso

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The emotional story of two identical and orphaned twins whose lives were suddenly disrupted by the Tsunami of 2004.  During her desperate and relentless search for her sister, Nilanthi met her future adoptive parents, who brought her back to the United States with them shortly after the natural disaster. Near Boston, she was given a home, an education and all the love she had ever hoped for. While her parents continued to search for Amandeep, her sister, Nilanthi sought refuge in her studies to suppress the feeling of emptiness that continued to fill her heart with tears. Eight years later, estranged from the rest of her peers, living in a world of her own and accademically over-achieved, Nilanthi came across a boy with a difficult and troublesome past who managed to revolutionized her world, her heart and her fate.

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