Married, And Now? My Unmarriage Adventures.

Tatiana Amaral

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"You can be surprised when you realize that in some situations your new experience can becomes the best and that many times it is not what you wait for, but something bigger than that. I learned that when worth it, the new experiences can be useful and necessary. So, even you think you are taking a wrong step it can be the rightest step in all your life."

Cléo is a younge writer, with many dreams, whi lives in a right life with her groom where everything is in its own place. But she wants to get married and for this she agrees with a unexpected condition: a deal in which both of them should be one month separated for having new experiences.

And that is how she, even against her wishes, ends up in Las Vegas with her friends for her "extended bachelorette party". Her own desire is making the time pass faster and so, she can come back to her relationship. However, Cléo's plans are frightened when she meets Douglas, a tall guy with black hair and eyes and owner of the most beautiful smile she had ever seen.

Cléo's life changes completely when she wakes up after a funny night and discover that she is married with Douglas. She cannot remember everything that happened and now she needs to run againt time for getting divorced and come back to home in time to recover her relationship with John. But, the things are not as they used to be before.

Cléo and Douglas will live big adventures while they need waiting the divorce. Involved by their new feelings which came from this relation, they need to choose between forgetting the past and allow them to live this love or forget this adventure and return to their lives.

Douglas knows what he wants, but Cléo has fear of allowing herself to this change. Married. And now? It is a surprising romance in which the reality is not exactly what it demonstrates. You come on too in this amazing adventure through Las Vegas.

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