Parnormal Shifter Bundle Vol. 1

Elexis Avant

€ 2,99

Five hot, sexy tales in one low cost bundle! Titles include:


Rose, a sometimes witch engaged to her gorgeous werewolf boyfriend Lorenzo, is getting nervous about introducing him to her family during a weekend visit at home Predictably, her conservative witch and warlock parents don’t think magic users should pair with shifters.

Her anxiety jumps during the weekend when Lorenzo reveals that he wants to spice things up in the bedroom by taking charge, not just as an alpha predator, but also as the strong, decisive Dominant she craves. For the first time in their relationship, he’s not going to hold back, scratches and all.

Will the new shift in their relationship help them deal with the family drama? And can Rose and Lorenzo enjoy their hot, steamy and loud sessions at home without the family listening in?


Sexy billionaire and shifter bachelor of the year Noah Hinton only has eyes for one girl. He knew the first time he saw Chloe that she would be his life mate.

Chloe has fallen head over heels for the sexy wolf. He’s everything she could hope for, but she can’t help but feel that it’s just too good to be true. And when she learns more about Noah’s secret powers, Chloe hesitates and questions their future.

But Noah will never give up on Chloe, now that she bears his mark and has his heart...


Dina’s into shifters, the secret society of men who can change into strange predatory animals. There’s nothing more provocative to her than the werewolf…sexy, elusive, and absolutely seductive.

This naughty but innocent curvy 19 year old’s desire to be pressed hard against a wall by a big, hunky werewolf takes her on a naughty adventure, uniting her with the wolf of her dreams.


“Ah, that. Well…” Mike sighed. “I thought you knew, Stella. I thought you remembered…” He shook his head slightly. “I’m a shifter and this is what happens when I’m angry, or in this case, extremely turned on.” I noticed the fangs in his smile. “I hope you don’t think less of me.”

On the contrary. I never thought I’d feel this way, but I found the idea hot as hell—making love to something...inhuman...

Curious to find the mysterious stranger that rescued her, Stella discovers that it was, in fact, her incredibly sexy next door neighbor. Mike, who reveals himself to be a werewolf, is dying to get her attention. As their flirtation sparks a strong bond, she feels the best way to show her gratitude is to invite him into her bed, but she’s not quite prepared for the beast that is unleashed…


Gina’s innocence is something a lot of predators and criminals would kill to wrest away from her—good thing she’s got a mysterious, sexy protector…

But when she discovers the true nature of her shifter guardian angel Francis, it sparks an incredible passion between the two that’s at once animalistic and deeply potent. And absolutely sizzling!

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