Saved by the Alpha

Elexis Avant

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“Ah, that. Well…” Mike sighed. “I thought you knew, Stella. I thought you remembered…” He shook his head slightly. “I’m a shifter and this is what happens when I’m angry, or in this case, extremely turned on.” I noticed the fangs in his smile. “I hope you don’t think less of me.”

On the contrary. I never thought I’d feel this way, but I found the idea hot as hell—making love to something...inhuman...

Curious to find the mysterious stranger that rescued her, Stella discovers that it was, in fact, her incredibly sexy next door neighbor. Mike, who reveals himself to be a werewolf, is dying to get her attention. As their flirtation sparks a strong bond, she feels the best way to show her gratitude is to invite him into her bed, but she’s not quite prepared for the beast that is unleashed…

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