Biography of Charles Dickens

Cimino, Davanna

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ABOUT THE BOOK 2012 is a year of celebration -- festivals, readings, theatrical shows, films, seminars, tours -- all in honor of the great and inimitable Charles Dickens, on his 200th birthday. Dickens, one of the most celebrated authors in English-language history, was wildly popular even during the course of his own life. Known as a prolific and important artist, unceasingly productive, Dickens wrote, edited, toured, lectured, and acted -- sometimes even in productions of his own plays. In total, Dickens composed twenty-four novels, plays, books of poetry, and works of nonfiction. He founded, wrote for, and edited the weekly journal Household Words and in a series of wildly popular readings of his works, toured Great Britain, Ireland, and America. Dickens began his career as a reporter in the press gallery of the House of Commons, and ended it as the preeminent man of letters of his time. MEET THE AUTHOR Davanna has a life-long love of literature. She is a copy editor and copywriter, writes fiction and poetry, and has a law degree. She lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida. She has three sons, and a Brittany named Jubal. EXCERPT FROM THE BOOK Charles Dickens married Catherine Hogarth in April of 1836. Their marriage coincided with Dickens' rapid rise as a famous writer. Their first son was born in January of 1837 and around this time, Dickens first conceived the germ of the idea for "e;Oliver Twist"e;. In May of 1837, while living with Charles and Catherine at their new home in Doughty Street, Dickens' sister-in-law, Mary Hogarth collapsed, and died shortly after. Dickens was completely grief stricken. According to many commentators and biographers of Dickens, Mary's inspiration was central to many of his female characters -- particularly those of a saintly, or pure persona. He revisits her death in "e;The Old Curiosity Shop"e; in the death of Little Nell. According to Peter Ackroyd, Dickens wrote that the writing of Little Nell's death "e;...casts the most horrible shadow upon me, and it is as much as I can do to keep moving at all."e; (Ackroyd, 318) CHAPTER OUTLINEBiography of Charles Dickens+ Introduction+ Childhood+ Professional Beginnings+ Charles and Catherine+ ...and much more

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