Guide to Your Congressman: Hillary Clinton

Shanker, Deena

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ABOUT THE BOOKGuide To Your Congressman: Hillary Clinton is your definitive pocket guide to a first lady and political figure in her own right. Informative and concise, this book serves as an essential companion to the career of one of the most important female politicians of our time.MEET THE AUTHORDeena Shanker is a San Francisco newbie, having just moved out here from New York City. She is a recovering lawyer excited to get back to doing work she loves, like writing. She enjoys taking advantage of California's great outdoors with her dog, Barley, reading fiction, and eating cheeseEXCERPT FROM THE BOOKClinton also believes in the individual's right to access to affordable health care. As First Lady in 1993, she famously led an attempt to provide universal health care but, after a long and eventually bitter battle over the legislation, was bested by her opposition. She continued to propose health care reform legislation while in the Senate and was a proponent of the Patients' Bill of Rights.Buy a copy to keep reading!

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