Thornton, Kim Campbell

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As author Kim Campbell Thornton begins this Simple Solutions guide, Dogs are known as mans best friend, but they dont come ready-made to take on this role. Socialization unlocks the key to the human-dog bond and explains how well-mannered, well-adjusted dogs are made (not born). A term used by canine behaviorists and trainers, socialization is a fancy five-syllable word for getting friendly, which doesnt come naturally to all dogs. This handy little book begins with a discussion of puppy life stages, showing how puppies developmentally mature and what their ever-changing needs are. New puppy buyers must be aware of the importance of the breeders role in socializing a litter of puppies, a critical process of introducing each pup to people, other dogs, and common everyday noises, during its critical developmental stages. Puppies raised without socialization (typically in a commercial breeding establishment, sometimes called a puppy mill) have a decided disadvantage and may never develop into normal, well-adjusted dogs. The book gives the new dog owner advice about planning social outings for the puppy so that he has People to Meet, Places to Go, ever expanding his social graces and comfort level with strangers and the not-so-scary-after-all unknown. The author also provides excellent guidance on introducing a dog to a new baby as well as introducing an adopted dog into an established multipet household.

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