Mr Pizza and All That Jazz

Boizot, Peter, Reville, Matthew James, Davis, Ben

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PizzaExpress' founder Peter Boizot is an extraordinary businessman without a business plan. All he wanted to do was bring pizza to England. A dreamer and an idealist, Peter never set out to make money. Yet he made millions - and then gave that fortune away to make the world a better place. His has been a life with filled with adventures most can only dream about. Peter is the vegetarian encyclopaedia salesman who set up a restaurant that changed the way England eats. He's the football club chairman who stood for parliament. He's the boat captain who went on to run jazz clubs... while still finding time to host debaucherous parties, befriend a dictator's son and have a spat with a Spice Girl. Now 84, "e;Mr Peterborough"e; has an incredible story to tell and he tells it with trademark modesty within the pages of this book.

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