Expedition Costa Rica

W. M. Raebeck

€ 6,49

If you like one-off stories about unusual people doing unusual things in the mud, you’ll enjoy this book. It was written by one of three women who, along with twenty men, marched through the rainforest at the wrong time of year. The journal somehow survived a phenomenal amount of rain, river-crossings, sweat, and tears.

The journey began when a native Costa Rican living in New York City decided to lead a strapping band of willing followers into the mountainous jungle of his homeland to find a tribe reputed to live wholly apart from civilization. But by definition, no one knows what to expect on an expedition. It’s therefore easy to screw up on the planning or mis-cast a few of the players… And this outing did not go as expected. Just think rain, ridiculous uncertainty, personality clashes, and the jungle holding it all in.

One never knew what would happen next out there, but in the end the not knowing was where the emotion and depth came from, and the hikers were forever bonded over that rare adventure. Though grueling and challenging, outdoing oneself daily is an unparalleled high.

'Expedition Costa Rica' was written during the actual trek, most often beside a campfire in the rain. When the group finally walked out of the jungle, the completed manuscript was in the author's backpack.

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