My Daddy Is A Woman Now (American Edition)

Marcia Gay

€ 6,99

My daddy is a woman now.

He says he’s still the same somehow.

Things are a lot different than before.

He doesn’t live with us anymore.

My mommy says she was very upset.

It’s not something she can quickly forget.

She says that she was shaken to the core,

but she cannot be angry anymore.

My mommy says she has to be strong.

That it’s important that they get along.

She says I’ll still spend time with him.

She has to be proper and prim.

What matters most is their love for me.

That is the way things will always be.

My daddy says he’s still the same,

even though he has a new name.

He says he has to live a life that’s true.

It is something everybody should do.

I wonder how my friends will react.

Will they be okay with this new fact?

I wonder if I’ll be teased at school.

I know that kids can sometimes be cruel ...

This rhyming story looks at having a transgender parent.

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