Investigating Events with Astrology: Practical Astrology

Antares Stanislas

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An easy to understand text on Practical Astrology. Events are analyzed with the help of the natal chart, transits, solar and lunar revolutions and fixed star directions. The author, who is known for his many publications on the Web and on YouTube has enriched the text with his theories including the 16 rules of a potentially disastrous natal chart, astral coincidences and other theories. *Page 211 third edition. For more than 20 years Antares Stanislas has worked as a professional astrologer and card reader. He is also the author of some successful books on card reading and the Tarot.

Giampiero, Artist’s Name Antares Stanislas is known for his many activities and articles on the web but also for his publications on the Tarot, Astrology, and predictions published in advance of the events that then occurred. Such as are documented in Facebook posts or Youtube videos, and reported on social profiles on Facebook.

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