Bikini Bottoms Up: A Stepbrother Romance

Kelli Wolfe

€ 2,99

It was too hot to sleep, and the humid ocean breeze drifting through the open window did nothing to cool the fire raging between her legs.

He had always been there for her. It was Jeff’s shoulder Brandi cried on the first time a boy broke her heart, and he was the one she had turned to again and again over the years until he should have been royally sick of her.

Secretly she had always wanted more, though. While she couldn’t have him, she couldn’t help wanting him. No matter how often she tried to convince herself that it was wrong, the forbidden feelings which tormented her just wouldn’t go away.

But now he’s alone at their beach house for summer break, and it’s Brandi’s big chance. There’s no one else to get in the way of what she wants this time. She’s going to have him all to herself for two solid weeks - and Jeff isn’t going to know what hit him.

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