Hard Choices: A Stepbrother Romance

Kelli Wolfe

€ 2,99

Leigh managed one small whimper of protest before his tongue slid into her mouth, and then she forgot about everything as passion consumed her.

Leigh cared about Drew more than anyone else in the world. Whenever she had skinned her knees as a little girl, he was the one who had teased her to calm her down while he carried her inside to clean her up and put on band-aids. He was her best friend and she told him everything, so when he went away to a university across the state, her whole world went topsy-turvy.

Now he’s back for Christmas break, and she’s so excited that she can barely stand it. But from the moment Leigh sees him, she realizes something has changed while he was away. The feelings she has for him now are very different than when he left, and very, very forbidden.

In desperation she throws herself at Drew’s roommate, and that’s when she finds out that she’s not the only one thinking the impossible. Drew doesn’t want anyone else to have her. His kiss is devastating and leaves her hopelessly torn. Can she fight her feelings for Drew, or will she follow her forbidden desires?

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