Taking Him Down: A Stepbrother Romance

Kelli Wolfe

€ 2,99

She wasn’t supposed to be attracted to him, didn’t want to be attracted to him.

Everyone thought Noah could walk on water. “Poison” Ivy is sick of having Mr. Oh-So-Perfect Noah thrown in her face as a shining example that she should live up to.

But what if Noah wasn’t perfect at all? What if everyone found out he was harboring some extremely forbidden feelings for Ivy? It sounds like the perfect way to get even and Ivy quickly sets her plans in motion.

But things don’t go the way she expects—truth is stranger than fiction, and suddenly Ivy finds the tables turned on her. Now she’s struggling with her own feelings and a desperate longing to recapture the closeness the two of them once shared. Will she take Noah down in the name of revenge, or will she try to convince him to take her instead?

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