Kinky Wife Tales: Sharing Jessica With EVERYONE (Gangbang, wife share, cuckold, BDSM, bondage, daddy's girl, taboo erotica, spanking, interracial erotica, big black bull, double penetraton

Deborah Cockram

€ 3,49

Jessica always wanted to take a little walk on the kinky side of life -- BDSM, spanking, even wife sharing and group sex. Problem was, her hubby was kind of boring, staid, interested in the same-old same-old.

That is, until Jessica cuffs herself to the ceiling, hanging in their living room, naked and absolutey helpless -- only to find that hubby had invited his best friend home from the gym that day. Jessica was mortified, until hubby decided to play along, share her with his buddy, the two of them ravishing her body in ways Jessica had never imagined. 

That day it was like a switch flipped inside her husband, and her life became one ravishing, torrid, sensually shockiong adventure after another, hubby determined to push her beyond new boundaries with every adventure in this scintillating trilogy of BDSM, wfie sharing, double penetration and public sex...

Stories inside include:

The Kinky Wife: Shared By Hubby

Kinky Wife 2: Three Men + One Woman = Sensual TroubleKinky Wife 2: Three Men + One Woman = Sensual Trouble

Kinky Wife 3: Roped & Ravished At The Restaurant While Hubby Watched

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