Wet Dream Mom

Kathy Andrews

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'Wet Dream Mom' is the story of a boy and his mother who live at home by themselves. As you read this novel, you will see how the normal sex drives of each are twisted into a relationship that would bring the wrath of their neighbors down upon them if they ever found out. The reader is left to decide for himself what the consequences of such a relationship might be—both for them and for society itself.


Joey was indeed watching his mother.

His cock was very hard, his fist sliding back and forth. He found the view of his mother's pantied cunt exciting. He could see the shadow of her pussy hair, the slit of her cunt as the tight panties pulled into it. He fought to remain silent, not wanting her to catch him. He thought all the time about his mother, of her body, how she looked naked, what he would love to do with her.

Fucking his mother was his biggest fantasy. He wanted to fuck her more than any girl he knew and there were plenty of them.

He had caught brief flashes of girls' thighs, and a few times their panties, but they never excited him like his mother did. He loved to peek in at her even when she had her skirt about, her knees, listening to her pissing into the water, the tinkling sound musical and exciting.

Watching his mother caress her long, slim thighs, he hoped she would show her cunt to him. This was the first time she had touched herself, and his pulse raced, his young balls aching and full. He longed to touch her thighs with his own hands, feel the smoothness of her skin, to cup her cunt and rub it.

Peggy made a soft whimpering sound as she dragged her fingers almost into her crotch. She closed her eyes, pretending Joey was in the bathroom with her, watching, his cock jerking with desire. She was seeping juices copiously, more than ever before. Her hips trembled as her hands came close to her crotch. She wanted to rip the crotch of her panties away, to let her son see her hairy cunt.

Yet, she restrained herself.

What she wanted more than anything was to piss in her panties, even if her son was watching. She wanted to piss and feel that ecstasy she had felt so long ago. Somehow, coming off was now associated with pissing in her panties.

She sat upright, but left her legs wide open. She strained, trying to piss. It would be easy to piss if she removed her panties, but that wouldn't serve her purpose.

She felt a small dribble, and her body flushed with heat. Her face turned pink, but not with shame. She was managing to do it. She pissed a bit more, feeling her panties become wet. Her cunt was pulsating as if on fire now, and she strained harder than ever.

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