Brackish Double

Daniela Nocito

€ 9,99

Brackish Double by Daniela Nocito by translated by Elisa Biondini.A fascinating land surrounded by the sea that shapes the minds of its inhabitants. Farewell messages. Cakes, croissants, biscuits. Harbors and stations to escape and return. All this is enclosed in Caprice’s eyes. But one question continues to haunt her. Her mother. The only thing she has is a message on the back of a picture, which she discovered by chance. She wants something more. When her best friend moves to Paris Caprice decides not to lose him. She will start a journey where surprises may take the form of a nightmare. Agata and Caprice are absolutely identical. Will that be the answer to all her questions or just a mysterious reality?

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    Tradotto da Elisa Biondini

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