Mrs. Polenta’s Party

Stefania De Carli

€ 4,99

One day Mrs. Polenta decides to organize a big party so she can once again see her friends. The invitations are delivered to all the Trentino valleys, even the far away ones. By so doing, the large and festive event is attended by: the Cheeses, the Vegetables and the Fresh Fruits, the Cold Cuts, the Wines, the Mineral Waters and even the Grappas, and also the delicate Mr. Oil, the Mountain Honey, the Misses Trouts and the slim Arctic Char. For this unique banquet careful preparation goes into Bread, Spinach and Potato Dumplings, Sauerkrauts , Strudel, Apple Pie and Fregoloti Cake. Of fundamental importance is the expertise of Mr. Knives, the Vegetable Peeler Engineer, the Corkscrew Brothers, and many other characters. These characters come to life in these pages providing joy for the community.

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