Francesco Brunetti

€ 4,99

young woman whose destiny seems to be reflected in the bubbles of the same vibrant and generous red wine that helped her conception; a dark family secret. Heyou is sweet and reserved, sentimental and passionate, but also restless and attracted to danger. And indeed danger is going to find her, to bite into her flesh and soul. After years of estrangement she makes up for lost time with her socialite, fatuous mother, now terminally ill; an intense relationship that will bond the two women even beyond death. She chase the men of her life: the one she rejected and the one who got away from her.

Soon, her life will intertwine with the intrigues of politics, diplomacy and the hidden dangers of the intelligence services, while a mysterious figure from her past will try to take his revenge on her. Heyou wants a simple life and yet she realizes she's also a thrill seeker. In this mirror-like duality she puts her life at stakes with bravery and the necessary recklessness.

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